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Emergency Telephone Number

on October 7, 2012


Emergency Telephone Number
Call when…

You are sad -> Qur’an 2:25
You have sinned -> Qur’an 39:53
You are seeking peace -> Qur’an 5:16
You seeking a friend -> Qur’an 2:257
You are secually discriminated -> Qur’an 33:35
You are racially discriminated -> Qur’an 49:13
You are seeking love and tranquility -> Qur’an 30:21
You are depressed -> Qur’an 13:28
You are yearning for a close friend -> Qur’an 50:16
You feel you are not appreciated -> Qur’an 76:22
You feel like a loser -> Qur’an 12:87
You feel underpriviledged -> Qur’an 14:34
You are tired of hardships -> Qur’an 94:05
You people come fight with you -> Qur’an 25:63
For deliverance from fear -> Qur’an 2:62
For assurance of forgiveness -> Qur’an 3:135
For double assurance -> Qur’an 15:49

Toll free numbers.
Those are direct numbers which don’t go through any exchange: make sure that no fake telephone service providers fool you.




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