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Hi (New) World!

on December 4, 2014


It has been long time enough for me not open my wordpress. Today, suddenly i remembered my blog and i miss to write on it. Ow.. opening this blog brings me to some times ago.. time when i was still single and fought to my self to find peace in my life.

Many things has been happened to my life. Too short to write through this blog. Robbi, sometime i want to die, not because i give up with this life but i just want to meet You and also your prophet Muhammad (pbu). I miss you ya Robbi,, i want to know where my place in here after. I dont want to make any mistake which increase my sins to You.

Robbi, my heart feels peace everytime i remember death. I hope i die husnul khotimah. but sometime i’m not ready to die because of my sins. I’m not 20th-years-old woman anymore, i’m 30th.

Robbi, give me Your path. Two days ago You gifted me, “i’m not mine” in my mind. I dont know those words come out in my mind. I’m sure it must be from You.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

my class, 3c, 14.00 wib

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